Nerf Dart Tag Snapfire 8 Review


This little Pistol created quite the stir within the Sydney Nerf Wars community when we were informed of its existence. An 8 shot, auto advancing turret with semi-automatic fire capabilities is something to not be sneezed at. And to make it all the more attractive, it wasn’t a flywheel blaster! No need for batteries and no need to worry about it making all sorts of ugly roaring noises that would (theoretically) give away your position. There was a lot of speculation being thrown around among the members, speculation which is about to be ended (Urban Taggers and SGNerf have done it already, as always…) now that Echoes has nabbed one from Target at a cool $19. Is the Snapfire 8 all that it’s been cranked up to be? Let’s find out!

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Nerf N-Strike Elite Rampage Review


The Rampage was the second N-strike Elite blaster to be revealed, and also boasted the 75ft ranges that we were all looking forward to. From my initial review of the Retaliator, we know that these blasters are definitely capable of these sorts of ranges, but are somewhat lacking in the consistency department. Is the Rampage any better? Or was the Retaliator the Elite Series’ one shot wonder? (Again, we realise you saw the review on Urban Taggers and SGNerf already, but we’re building suspense anyway!) Echoes scored this one from as well for around $40, which he thought was a very reasonable price!

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Nerf N-Strike Elite Retaliator Review


There has been a lot of hype surrounding the release of the new Nerf Elite lines, with Hasbro making outlandish promises of 75ft out of the box! This new line of Blasters sparked a lot of questions and quite a bit of controversy throughout the online Nerfing community. But thanks to (and a cool $40 shipped to Australia), Echoes (the Sydney Nerf Wars Admin who buys a lot of stuff…) has managed to procure a couple of units and is ready to give his thoughts! (I know we’re a little late on this, with blogs such as Urban Taggers, SGNerf, and Foam Dart Goodness already having reviews and/or modification guides on them, but we thought we’d do this anyway).

General Review

Immediately upon taking it out of the box, we can all tell where the Retaliator takes its design cues from – the good old Nerf N-strike Recon cs-6! But there are definitely some changes from the old model. Nerf has replaced the Tactical light with a Fore grip, and the original (albeit flimsy) stock with a sharp looking short one. They’ve also removed the Leaf sight and been so kind as to provide us with a very handy 12 shot clip system magazine. It’s an attractive blaster overall, but we aren’t just here for the aesthetics, are we?

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