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Use "SydneyNerf" for 20% off discount at their store.
Email us if you're thinking of ordering as we might be doing an order to save on shipping.

Hailing from Thessaloniki, Greece, Anthrax has been a staple in the paintball scene since 2009. We loved their involvement and support of the paintball scene and we loved their products. Sydney Nerfs' Official Apparel is made by them.

We have launched our 2021 10 Year Anniversary Edition which has been featured here. Another order will be organised in August 2021.

"Anthrax was established in 2009 and has been always focused on custom sports clothing. High quality materials and innovative design has been the company's "engine", leading it to to a rapid growth. Today, teams and athletes from all over the world trust our company for their clothing and styling needs! Our aim is to provide the best products and the best possible customer service experience to all of our customers!

The great majority of our products are designed and manufactured in our own modern production facility located in Thessaloniki, Greece .The manufacturing process is done with great respect to the well being of our employees and to the protection and preservation of the environment. Thus our production and management system is certified with the ISO 9001 international standard . Since its inception Anthrax clothing has been sweatshop free . We are proud of our dedicated and inspired group of employees !"

Akeso Socks


Many from the community are already fans of Akeso Socks, and many more are familiar with the socks. We love the brand and we love their products, so we have teamed up with them!

What does the team up mean? Use code “SydneyNerf” to receive 20% off your order and we get a bit to put back towards the community.

If you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t heard of them, Akeso Socks give your feet the comfortable feeling of moisture-wicking, antibacterial and antifungal socks that treat foot odour and skin conditions AND don’t require washing.

Check them out!

Blasters By Airzone

Want to take your flywheel blasters to the next level? Then Blasters by Airzone can assist you with that!

Michael Ireland has been apart of the community since 2018 and created Blasters By Airzone in 2019.

He is our resident Brushless Motor expert, donning his signature Hello Kitty themed Blasters and first came out with the Narfduino with its' design currently on v1.7.

"Technology integrated into places it doesn't belong" is the core to his many creations and builds. Ridiculous meme worthy Blaster builds are a staple and if you haven't seen them, check out his YouTube (I personally think of him as a Nerf crazy scientist).

Blasters by Airzone gives Sydney Nerf community members 10% off their webstore -

Let him know we sent you!


WORKER has been a staple in blaster modification for years.

Worker is a company that sells third-party modification kits and accessories for various modern Nerf Blasters. Worker also produces some standalone blasters of their own designs. A sister company, F10555, produces 3D printed parts for upgrade kits and blasters.

We run regular WORKER group orders and get them shipped from their warehouse in China for a hugely discounted rate. If you're happy to wait, you'll get products cheaper doing this. Keep an eye on the FB Group for when these orders pop up.