Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Blasters, not guns
  • Darts, not bullets
  • Tag/Tagged, not shoot/shot

How to Make a Post

  1. They are blasters, not (G*NS)
  2. They are darts, not (Bull*TS)
  3. Don’t use $, use dollarydoo


  • Picture + Product + Cost
  • Description (inc. condition and modified parts)
  • Pick Up or Delivery InformationUpon “selling”, edit post and add (SOLD to @FB Name) to the Product Name



  • Please communicate with each other should something change as soon as possible (eg. Don’t get paid till X date, got busy and couldn’t ship/mod)
  • Let each other know when you’ll pay or ship. An estimated timeframe is fine.


  • Indicate if there are any issues with the product (even if it’s just wear and tear)
  • Let the buyer know when you’ll ship and reply with a photo of the receipt and tracking number. Only charge the exact costs of shipping.


  • Let the seller know when you'll be able to pay, and clarify that this is acceptable for the buyer. Generally speaking, immediate/fast payment is required to secure your place "first in line". Sellers have the right to seek an immediate sale, any agreement beyond that would be purely out of generosity and the buyer should treat it as such.


Did you know if you pay via Paypal Goods and Services, you are covered by Paypals’ “Buyer Protection Policy”? The Seller is surcharged so you should be paying the additional fees.

PayPals’ surcharges are 2.60% of total + 30c. Examples are below:

  • $10 = 54c in fees. Seller receives $9.46
  • $100 = $2.70 in fees. Seller receives $97.30

Small price to pay for peace of mind if anything goes wrong as well as “Refunded Returns” for a rebate if you need to return an item.

Here’s a calculator to help you work the maths out - https://www.onlinefeecalculator.com/index-Australia.php

  • Pay via Paypal Goods and Services (GS) -  Under GS, you are covered by Paypals’ “Buyer Protection Policy” from 180 days (6 months) of making the payment through PayPal. Should there be any issues upon receipt of items and CANNOT come to a resolution with the Seller, you can submit and go into the PayPal Resolution Center and get PayPal to help you resolve the situation within 20 days after initiating the resolution process. PayPals’ decision is final
  • If you need to return an item, PayPal also has a “Refunded Returns” program which PayPal rebates shipping costs (Up to $45). You’ll need to “Submit a request with proof of return** within 30 days of return and 150 days of purchase” and you’ll “Receive your refund, usually within 5 business days”. You’ll need to activate it first. Make sure you read all the information here - https://www.paypal.com/au/webapps/mpp/returns

As with anything, read the fine print and terms of service for accurate information.

When things go wrong?

  • Work it out with the other party
  • File a Paypal dispute
  • IF you cannot come to a resolution, contact an admin with the full story and receipts/photos/evidence. We will see what we can do but can’t make any promises.

Sydney Nerf does not condone “poor behaviour” and ripping other members of the community off falls under this. We can help where possible but please note, members of the community HAVE been banned in the past for these actions.

  • Rated Safety Glasses (Prescription glasses and sun glasses are not applicable as suitable protection. Masks are not permitted except at JBE field)
  • Blaster (which adheres to Blaster Rules including FPS limits)
  • Magazines
  • Something to hold your magazines
  • Hat and Sunscreen
  • Water Bottle
  • $10 for entry and free dart hire
  • Shoes to run in
  • It is recommended to wear long pants as well due to the environment at outdoor events


  • Seat to sit on
  • Shade or shelter

The ones you can buy from Bunnings. Prescription glasses and sunglasses are not applicable as suitable protection nor are "Nerf" branded glasses or masks.

Nerf branded glasses and masks are not rated for modified blaster impact protection. Here's an example of why:

Why rated safety glasses are needed

No, you cannot wear full BDU (this includes ghillie suits). You can wear one piece of clothing that's BDU but not all. Wear clothes you'll be comfortable running around in and won't overheat. Long pants are recommended for outdoor venues due to the environment.

If you are playing with a vest, it is required you are not wearing BDU’s underneath. We suggest wearing a bright T-shirt underneath the vest.

Please be sensible with your attire as we don't want to alarm the public as we've had police called due to members of the public thinking a group of players were running combat simulation training.

NOTE - You can wear anything at our private JBE field

We have monthly events. Go to https://www.facebook.com/groups/sydnerf/events for updated information for all events.

We don't require pre-registration for our events generally, just turn up and register/pay there (*Sign in for COVID as well). This changes for special events where player numbers need to be limited. To make sure you don't miss out, keep up to date on events via the FB Group Events page link above

The youngest permissible age to play is 11 years (with parental consent). Minors under the age of 15 years must be supervised by a parent or guardian. If it is your first event, your parent or guardian must be present for the duration of the event. Sydney Nerf takes no responsibility for the supervision of minors. You must be present and watching at events.

Under certain circumstances, yes. For your child to play, please contact an admin.

We welcome you to attend an event to have a feel for what Sydney Nerf events are like, what it feels to be tagged by a dart with a modified blaster and how an event runs. At the end of this, if it's suitable for you and your child, you're welcome to play at future events. This is all at admins discretion for your safety and wellbeing.

Sydney Nerf provides "Dart Hire" for community members for all events that's included in your $10 entry fee. We currently have FVJs and WORKER darts in both long and short (Stefans). These are more advanced darts that fly further and more straight than your ordinary Nerf darts from brick and mortar stores. You are welcome to bring your own darts but please note you'll lose some during the day. By using Sydney Nerf darts, you won't lose them!

  1. Sign in via QR Code for COVID Registration
  2. Pay via QR Code Payment if you're playing
  3. Sanitise hands
  4. Find a spot for your stuff
  5. Load magazines with darts and get ready for the games
  6. Approach a friendly admin and get your newbie marker
  7. Wait for briefing

We play under the PEW game type (Performance Enhanced Wars). This allows blasters that fire a maximum muzzle velocity of 350fps. This is capped at 180fps for our close combat quarter venues (CCQ) such as Kevin Betts.

We play various game modes such as Team Deathmatch (TDM), Capture the Flag (CTF) and King of the Hill (KOTH) with medic/VIP variants.

For more information please go to - www.sydneynerf.com.au/rules

Please familiarise yourself with the Blaster rules outlined here - www.sydneynerf.com.au/rules

Blasters are classed in mainly two categories, springer and flywheel. There is no "best blaster" as it's subjective to opinion and modification.

Although the following is the most commonly used blasters in their categories.

  • Stryfe
  • Rapidstrike
  • FDL*
  • Longshot
  • Retaliator
  • Prophecy^
  • Nexus Pro
  • Caliburn*
Sidearm (Pistols/ Secondary Blaster)
  • Hammershot
  • Hurricane^
  • Woozi*

* These blasters are 3D Printed Blasters
^ These blasters are from third party companies

There are many ways to modify your blaster. The first step is generally to take out the air restrictor.

Blasters can be modified to fire short darts (Stefans) which generally have better accuracy and distance due to its' size and "fly through" in the air. You'll need new magazines to accompany this modification. The main magazine used for short darts (Stefans) are WORKER Talon magazines.

The following is what you can upgrade or add to your blaster for better performance.

All Blasters
  • SCAR
  • Motor upgrade with flywheel cage and wheels
  • LIPO battery upgrade
  • Microswitch/ MOSFET
    Note - You'll need basic soldering skills to perform this
  • Brushless Mod
  • Spring upgrade
  • Plunger upgrade
  • Internals to support spring upgrade
  • Pump Grip upgrade

There are many sites which show you how to modify your blaster which a quick google search will bring. Alternatively, use the search function on the Facebook group to find your answers. If your answer still isn't found, post on the group.

Please check out all information on the Master Rules and Guidelines first - www.sydneynerf.com.au/rules

If you're question still remains unanswered, post on the Facebook group, https://www.facebook.com/groups/sydnerf, community members and/or admins will assist. We will refer you back to the rules if it's specified there.

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