Privacy Policy

COVID-19 Registration

We are required by the state government to collect and hold this information to assist in COVID19 contact tracing. You may refuse to provide us with some of your information, however, this may limit the way in which we can interact with you, including providing our services to you.

Your information will not be shared unless asked by government agencies for contact tracing purposes. It will be stored on a secure database.

If you require to access, change or delete (only after 56 days from event date) your information, please contact

Thank you

Sydney Nerf Payment Information

Information collected is for the purpose of linking payment. Paypal handles all transactions so your payment information is not collected on the website but through Paypal.

  1. I give permission for images and video in which I, those names in (payment) form, and/or my child/ward,
    appear to be used by Sydney Nerf for publications and public relations activities.
  2. In particular, I note that this may include use in print and electronic media, including the Internet and official social media platforms.
  3. I understand that Sydney Nerf will not be accountable should overseas recipients of the images breach Australian privacy laws and that I will not be able to seek redress under the Privacy Act.
  4. I have read and understand this notice, and consent to the
    collection, use and disclosure of my image, including disclosure to overseas recipients, as outlined.