Nerf Dart Tag Snapfire 8 Review


This little Pistol created quite the stir within the Sydney Nerf Wars community when we were informed of its existence. An 8 shot, auto advancing turret with semi-automatic fire capabilities is something to not be sneezed at. And to make it all the more attractive, it wasn’t a flywheel blaster! No need for batteries and no need to worry about it making all sorts of ugly roaring noises that would (theoretically) give away your position. There was a lot of speculation being thrown around among the members, speculation which is about to be ended (Urban Taggers and SGNerf have done it already, as always…) now that Echoes has nabbed one from Target at a cool $19. Is the Snapfire 8 all that it’s been cranked up to be? Let’s find out!

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Sydney Nerf Wars Modification Write ups Competition!

Hello Nerfers! Since the beginning of this group, our community has been quite strong in the warring department. Our numbers at events have remained reasonably solid over time. While this is all well and good, we’re missing a certain something that every Nerf community needs: Documented Modification write ups. Not only do they allow members to showcase the skills of their trade, but they also create an informational resource for the younger and/or less experienced members to look at and learn from. But how, will we do this?

Today, we are announcing the opening of the Sydney Nerf Wars Modification Write Ups competition!

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The Return of the Psycho

A few months ago, Sydney Nerf Wars said farewell to a highly valued member of the community. Known affectionately as the King of Air, he was to be sorely missed for both his personality and his passion for the hobby. He left us with his Widowmaker and his best wishes.

But now, he has finally returned home. The Sydney Nerf Wars Admin team would like to welcome Psychosis back into our ranks! We look forward to meeting you on the battlefield!

– Echoes, on behalf of the Sydney Nerf Wars Admin Team

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