Sydney Nerf Wars Modification Write ups Competition!

Hello Nerfers! Since the beginning of this group, our community has been quite strong in the warring department. Our numbers at events have remained reasonably solid over time. While this is all well and good, we’re missing a certain something that every Nerf community needs: Documented Modification write ups. Not only do they allow members to showcase the skills of their trade, but they also create an informational resource for the younger and/or less experienced members to look at and learn from. But how, will we do this?

Today, we are announcing the opening of the Sydney Nerf Wars Modification Write Ups competition!

Keep reading to find out more!

Now what is this competition all about you ask? Well here’s a blow by blow outline:

What is this competition?

This is a competition of both skill with the hands and skill with the keyboard. As per the name of the competition, we’re not only after the best modification out there. We want to see how you document your modifications – whether you share them with the community in an understandable, replicable way. This is the whole idea of the exercise: To perform a great mod, then document it clearly in an easy to follow, informative guide.

The goal of this competition:

We’re trying to encourage more modding within our community, and a whole lot more documentation of the work we do.

As active members in the community, we on the Admin team, see members coming to wars with new, powerful, and innovative modifications. Often those members will be happy to answer questions so that others may be able to replicate it, but this does not compare to a well written mod guide.

The Criteria we’re looking for:

Obviously since it’s a competition, you’ll be submitting your work for the Admin Team to judge against a set criteria. Here, we’ll give you an idea of the sort of things we’ll be looking out for:

  • Formatting: The first thing we’ll likely be looking at is the Formatting of your write up. Have you done it step by step? Have you included pictures when necessary?
  • Clarity: Another important factor involved in a good modification write up is how clear your words are. We want to be able to understand what you’re saying. We want to see evidence that you’ve thought about how you’ll convey your information, and that you’ve gone back and edited your work. Clarity also involves the minimal use of slang and foul language.
  • Originality: We’ll also be checking for other write ups out there to see how similar they are to the work you’ve submitted to us. The more original the write up, the more we’ll like it. Also, take note that write ups that are exclusive to Sydney Nerf Wars will be favoured more heavily than those which have been posted to other places. Not to say that one that has been posted elsewhere cannot win.
  • Difficulty of the modification: This will also be taken into consideration. A more difficult modification makes for more difficulties in creating a clear and simple write-up.


Another part of competitions are prizes (You’ve all been waiting for that haven’t you?). They will be structured as such:

  • FIVE (5) minor prizes for the top five write ups submitted for judging. The minor prize will be Free dart hire for the next event you attend. Your write up will also be featured on this Blog for your  viewing pleasure!
  • ONE (1) major prize for the best write up as agreed upon by the Admin team. The major prize will be a new in box N-strike Longshot CS-6. Your write up will also be featured on this Blog with huge accolades. (You will also win one of the minor prizes).

Please note that prizes are non-transferable for cash or any other reward. You will not receive a prize unless you attend an event held by Sydney Nerf Wars. This means if you never intend to come to a war, or are an international entrant, you are competing for mainly bragging rights.

How to Enter

There are a few steps here. Read them and follow them to glory!

  1. Sign up with our forum @ and activate your account via the email.
  2. Post your write up to the modifications write ups forum (You could also introduce yourself too in the new guy zone if you haven’t already!)
  3. Copy the URL of your mod guide and email it directly to us at, citing your full name (your actual name) and your forum alias in the subject line.

The competition will close on November 25, so you have plenty of time. But remember, the more entries you have, the more chance you have to win. That’s right, there’s no limit to the number of entries you can have. But remember guys, it’s quality over quantity.

If anymore questions need to be asked, post them below and we’ll answer them as promptly as possible. Thanks for reading!



Admins CAN participate in this competition, but they will be veto’d from judging their own piece. I personally will not be entering though. It’s silly if I win my own prizes!

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