Meet the Admins: PSYCHOSIS




noun, plural psy·cho·ses

1.a mental disorder characterized by symptoms, such as delusions or hallucinations, that indicate impaired contact with reality.
A concoction of an enigmatic sense of imagination, coupled with a hellbound mentality; Psy is not your average admin, or member of the public for that matter. By the time you clamp eyes on him, he has already formulated several ways to desecrate your existence.
 Psy enjoys the final things in life: the fresh blood of a slain noob, primal screaming, long walks back to respawn. His modding knowledge may be out of date, but his mind is a wonderland of incredible concepts straining to be realised.
Psy is always around on the battlefield, whether you spot him or not – but you better pray he doesn’t spot you. With a sprint that can compete with a leopard, he will quickly close the gap between you and your demise…
  Seek him out only if you wish to be severely punished for your insolence at taking up his precious hunting time, or if you wish to be taunted with words that may not even exist in worldly languages. You have been warned.
Core Statistics:
Newbs pwned: Countless
Fags smoked at a war: Infinite
Sausages eaten: All
Hats worn: Awesomely
Meters Run: What am I, a supercomputer?

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