Meet the Admins: KAT



[kat]   noun, verb, cat·ted, cat·ting.


1.a small domesticated carnivore, Felis domestica  or F. catus,  bred in a number of varieties.
  There is a lot of debate about whether animals have souls; in the case of Kat, he actually has numerous ones that have become a form of currency in the shadier trades of SNW. In fact Kat is so versatile that he has not only been converted into currency, but also a system of measurement, and in the Golden Era of SNW everything was broken down into Kat-units as a universal system. And the best part is, you can find a Kat under literally any rug, with the only drawback being you will have to battle a mirsho to possess him, and mirsho’s lift, bra.
  Kat is a nocturnal creature, hunting undead at night, sleeping in the day, and like his domesticated cousins, is rarely around when you need him to catch a rodent. He is known for camping out in shrubbery, waiting for his prey, though noone knows why as he always runs off when they get within minimum engagement distance…
Core Statistics:
Bushes camped: All
Run from combat: Infinite
Nite Finder misfires: Comical
Racist face pulling: Critical
Rugs hidden beneath: Ask mirsho

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