Foam Fortress: Sydney Update 17/2/13

Hey Nerfers,

There have been a few updates to Foam Fortress: Sydney in light of the war on the 9/2/13. Before I get into those updates though, I’d like to thank you all for your input whether it be theorycrafting or actual playtesting. Everything  is taken into consideration, so please don’t stop contributing!

Here is a short, summarised list of the updates that were put into place on 17/2/13:

UPDATE NOTES 17/2/2013

  • The Small Melee Weapon is now visibly included in all Class Loadouts.
  • The Bat has been removed from FF:S.
  • The Commando’s Equipment Slot has now been reworked. Check Class Loadout for details.
  • Tactical Shotguns can now be used by the Commando without the need for Sacrificing.
  • The Sacrifice class of the Commando has been reworked. Check the Class Loadout for details.
  • Updated the definition of Tactical Shotguns. Check the Rules section for more details.
  • Updated the FAQ section in Tactical Shotguns to clear up any questions about the Big Salvo.

Stay tuned for a discussion on these updates to Foam Fortress: Sydney. If you have any questions about these updates, please comment below and I will address them directly in my next blog post. Thanks for reading, and I hope you’re all looking forward to SNW’s next event!


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