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1. a member of a military medical corps; corpsman.
2. a doctor or intern.


One of the most common things you’ll hear at every Foam Fortress event is someone (or even everyone) hollering for a “MEDIC!!!!”. The Medic is Foam Fortress: Sydney’s main support class. While they might have slightly less firepower than the Assault, their Ability to constantly keep their teammates in the game is vital for victory. The Medic’s load out was designed with a passive playstyle in mind, as well as lighter kit so that they can dash across the battlefield to their downed comrades. Their load out appears as follows:


PrimaryCombat RiflesFully AutomaticsSemi-Automatics, or Pistols

Secondary: ONE Small Melee Weapon

Equipment: None

Ability: Resurrect – Can bring a fallen teammate back to life on the spot which they were tagged. Resurrection is activated by putting a hand on the fallen team mate’s shoulder and counting to three slowly.

Loadout Analysis

The Medic wasn’t designed to be in the thick of the battle – and their load out clearly demonstrates that. They only have one blaster available to them, and no sidearms to turn to when their primary blaster needs reloading. The Medic was built to engage enemies from afar, using Combat Rifles to get that 80ft range that would keep them safe from Titan Rockets, Fully Automatics, and Shotguns. The lack of excess gear allows them the mobility and agility to swoop in for a quick and effective Resurrect when need be.  However, the majority of Medics in the current “metagame” choose to use Semi Automatics for a mix of range and fire rate.

The Good Bits

There are a few different ways to play Medic. You can take the safe route, the one the Medic was built for, and use a Combat Rifle for 80ft range engagement, such as a Longshot or a Tripleshot. This build lets you engage from afar with a respectable fire rate – enough for some decent suppressive fire. Or you can play what’s in the current metagame by taking a Semi Auto Primary like the Stryfe and supporting your team from a little closer to the action. This way, you’ll always be closer to your teammates if they’ve been tagged for faster Resurrections. Both are effective ways of playing the Medic – the choice is yours.

Longshot Combat Rifle

Below is a list of things to keep in mind when you’re the team’s Medic. May they teach you how to be the best Medic ever!

  • Never forget that, first and foremost, your role is to support your team mates. Sometimes giving up a great shot in favour of Resurrecting your Warden or Assault can be the best decision that you’ll make all game.
  • Only move in closer to a skirmish when your Assault and/or Warden have drawn the enemy attention. If you move forward too early, an organised opposition will target you instantly.
  • Pay attention at all times. Your team needs you. And the enemy team wants you tagged!
  • If it’s too dangerous to go in, then don’t. Your teammate can always respawn or use the Ghost’s Rally Point. More often than not, a downed ally in a dangerous position spells a Titan Rocket with your name on it (Trust me. This is coming from someone who plays plenty of Demolitionist).
  • Don’t Resurrect an Assault unless they call for it. They’re probably planning something devious with their PDU.

My experience with Medic is a little… superficial. I’ve played the class maybe a handful of times at best, so my advice only holds so much water. To make up for this, I’ve gotten the some help from Valeriy Kuzma, arguably SNW’s top Medic. He was pretty happy to answer some questions about How to: Medic. I have paraphrased some of the things he’s said, but the main idea is still maintained. I’m honestly quite surprised he didn’t mention how quick he is. Generally that’d be a huge advantage to have for a class like the Medic.

Expert Opinion

Echoes: What do you think is the most important trait to being a good Medic?Valeriy Medic

VK: I think attentiveness is the key. You need to keep tabs on all of your team mates so that you can quickly react to when they’re tagged.

Echoes: The Medic has very limited options open to it when selecting gear for your load out. How do you get around this?

VK: I focus more on being supportive. My blaster is mainly used to hold off any flankers rather than going for tags. I rely on my other team mates to deal with them.

Echoes: How do you know when to rush in and resurrect someone? And how do you know when not to?

VK: Being attentive comes into play here as well. You have to sum up the situation. Are your other team mates in a good position to cover you? Or is the downed team mate in a good strategic position? I weigh these things up before I decide to rush in.

Final Thoughts

Another article, another guideline on how to play a class. Thanks to Valeriy Kuzma for his assistance in helping me understand the class a little better. The Medic is an integral part of any team – they’re the most consistent source of mobile respawns in Foam Fortress. Your job is essentially to stay out of trouble and keep your teammates out of trouble. As long as you do that, you’re doing it right.

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