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Dem – o – li – tion



1. The act or process of wrecking or destroying, especially destruction by explosives.


The role of the demolitionist is just as its name suggests, that is, to wreck of destroy the opposition. Armed with the largest ammunition [the Mega Missile (Titan Rocket)/Mega Howler/Homemade Foam Rockets], demolitionists are designed to WIN games, disrupt team formations and threaten position.

There is no other class in Foam Fortress: Sydney that has its own specific win conditions.

Win Conditions

  • The team that completes the objective first wins
  • A Demolitionist’s Rocket is able to destroy a Base and force a rout situation on the team with no Base. A team can win by routing the enemy team.
  • A Demolitionist’s Rocket is able to eliminate players who are hit by it. It is possible to win by eliminating the entire team.

So if you want to be a one man wrecking machine, this is the class for you.

Loadout Analysis

The most devastating weapon used by the demolitionist is the Nerf Titan. Whilst its possible to use the MegaHowler for instant shots (no pumps required) and recovery, it comes with the disadvantage of less carrying capacity and the limitation of your arm.

Rockets are able to be launched in an arc about 20 metres, while shot flat accurately will be within the range of 10metres. This means most dart blasters will have the range advantage and missed shots leave you vulnerable.

Grenades are currently under utilised in FF:S. Recent rule set changes have made them viable alternatives to rockets. While limited to the ability of your throwing arm, grenades are useful for both close quarters and distance encounters. Not only do they send the target to respawn (that’s right no PDU or Res allowed), they remove  the ability slot as well. That is, a medic can no longer resurrect and a commando can no longer spawn from the deployment base.

The Good Bits

In my opinion, the demolitionist is the most enjoyable class to play. Here are a few reasons why I play this class as my primary.

Titan Shot


  • You do not need to load clips with darts – this leaves more time for socialising while your fellow assault spends time between rounds wishing clips magically replenished.
  • Light weight gear – increased mobility and cooling
    • Titan, 3 x Rockets, 3x Grenades, Small melee, Secondary with handful of spare darts.

Play style

  • Able to free roam
    • You can do your own thing.  While your team needs to focus on game objectives, you are able to focus on destruction whether its trying to sneak and destroy enemy base or assassinate opponents.
  • Able to contribute significantly to team play and support through threatening position.
    • Due to the consequences of rocket hits – you command presence on the field. A good opposition will always try to ensure vision of you at all times. Use this to your advantage through both distraction when visible and fear when unseen.
  • Big risk, big reward
    • Demolitionists are one of the most vulnerable classes in FF:S. I play demolitionist with focus on offence, this requires closing the distance on targets quickly, and expecting to get tagged by darts. Outranged in most encounters, you rely on luck and stealth to create opportunities.  Success through persistence.

Let’s hear from arguably the second best demolitionist currently in Sydney Nerf Wars, Echoes. He offers great insight in how to strike fear into others without using his administrator/founder powers.

Expert Opinion

Daye: So why do you like to play Demolitionist?

MattLOLEchoes: I like the Demolitionist because of its sneaky nature coupled with its raw, fearsome power. There’s no other class which can inflict so much damage with their kit. But the class isn’t without its faults. It’s disgustingly vulnerable if you make a mistake. It’s even vulnerable when you don’t make a mistake at the best of times. Whether you succeed or fails is subject to the roll of a dice.

Regardless of the weaknesses though, the Demolitionist is the game breaker. They have so much influence over Foam Fortress in that they can push a game out of the enemy team’s reach, or claw their way back to victory from a seemingly unwinnable situation. There isn’t another class who can win a game on their own. The Demolitionist is the only class who truly makes the big plays when it counts.

Daye: What do you need to do to be a good demolitionist, other than good looks?

[Large text about Echoes talking about his good looks cut out]

Echoes: The first thing you need to be a good demolitionist is the right gear. A Titan that doesn’t leak and a good compliment of rockets is the best starting point. A reliable sidearm with a fair capacity is also pretty important. And Grenades. You always need Grenades.

The second thing you need, which I think can be more important than your gear, is the right state of mind. The Demolitionist is an opportunist. You need to have the patience to stay passive until the moment is right, then strike for maximum damage. You also need to avoid tunnel vision and getting too focused on one target. You’re no good to your team if you’re getting nothing done.

Daye: I see, so you try to look productive to your team. How do you know approach a game situation such as deciding whether to target bases, opponents or to go for pushes?

I hardly ever decide I want to go for their Base at the beginning of the game. It’s just an impractical thing to do. It’ll generally take your involvement away from the rest of your team, which is not what you want. I always aim to apply pressure to certain classes on the other team. The threat of a Grenade to a Medic is enormous. Everyone is scared of Titan Rockets. Make sure they stay that way.

During games, it’s honestly which objective presents itself to me. If someone has strayed away from the rest of their team, like the Medic or the Warden, I’ll go after them. They’re really at my mercy due to the limitations of their kit (The Medic less so than the Warden, obviously). If there’s no one to isolate and they’re pushing as unit, I’ll start to push forward to attract some attention. If no attention is drawn, I’m free to take on the Ghost and go for the Base, or run around them and lay waste to their key players.

Daye: But noone is perfection like you with a large rocket in their hands! I’m sure you mess up at times, and not just your hair. What do you do when you miss/drop a rocket on the ground?

Echoes: I will generally squeal like a girl. There’s a youtube video where I do it. It’s honestly the worst case scenario to fire your primary weapon for nothing or lose your primary ammo in a high pressure situation, especially when your reload times are stupidly long. After squealing, I’d probably run like the wuss I am, or panic and throw Grenades in the general direction of danger.

Daye: If you sound like a girl, why don’t you throw like one as well?

Echoes: I’ve been a cricketer since I was about 8. You need a straight arm in the field for that sport. Unfortunately I didn’t have that until I was about 15. So to answer the question, I spent 7 years learning how to throw.

But in general? Keep your head straight and don’t try to throw too hard.

Final Thoughts

Its an explosive class that can burn the other teams morale and light up the game.

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