The Foam Fortress Cup

The Foam Fortress Cup will be Sydney Nerf Wars’ first official competitive event. With pride and prizes up for grabs, the Admin Team would like to give the community a chance to prove their skill in an environment that will be both a rewarding and enriching experience for all participants. Keep a look out on the Facebook event page for more details as to when this event will take place (but as an indication, look toward late November/early December).

Tournament Rules and Guidelines

Below is an outline of how the Foam Fortress Cup will run, and what sorts of things participants will need to do to register and be competitive!

Tournament Rules

All games will be played under Tournament rules. Tournament rules include:

  • Highlander: Only one of each class per team.
  • Rule Breaking will be Penalised. Penalties will range from Referees ruling a dart/Melee hit on a player, to Referees ruling a Titan Rocket hit.
  • Time limits on games will be enforced (10 minutes, in general).
  • Players are required to wear proper gear. This includes, but is not limited to, Assaults wearing their PDU’s, Ghosts carrying their Rally Points, and team markers.
  • Spectators can cheer and enjoy the play, but they must not give away player positions, and must not yell instructions.
  • Players who have been Eliminated by Titan Rockets or Mega Howlers must wait at the main Base until the game is over.
  • All disputes are at the discretion of the Referees.


  • Players will be divided up into teams of five. Due to this stipulation, the OmniSoldier will NOT be playable.
  • Much to the delight of many of our regular attendees, the Admin Team has decided to allow players to create their own teams in advance. This will allow players to formulate strategies prior to the event, and execute them for some fancy, skillful play.
  • However, to help ensure balanced teams, the SNW Admin Team has constructed a Power Rating system. The Power Rating system will work by assigning each participant a score out of 5 that will loosely represent the skill and influence that they have displayed in previous Foam Fortress: Sydney events. We will provide more details on the Power Rating System in another post.
  • To be considered an eligible team, a team’s total Power Rating must not add up to more than 15.5/25. This is an average rating of 3.1 per team member, which is reasonable in our opinion.

Registration and Entry

  • Players are to register in their teams of five, with an elected Captain and a team name provided. An email must be sent to the SNW email ( for the registration to be valid. The Admin Team will check that the team is eligible and a confirmation email will be returned.
  •  If no Captain has been named, the sender of the email will be considered the Captain. If no team name has been provided, the Admin team will name your team something silly. So name your team.
  • Players who register without a team will be considered “Looking for a Team” and will be allocated into a Team at the Admin Team’s discretion. (If required, the Admins are expected to sacrifice their place in a Team so that other participants might enjoy the event).
  • If a Team is short on the day, an Admin, or other player who does not have a team, can join the team regardless of their Power Rating.
  • Entry will be the full fee of Dart Hire ($15), which is payable on the day. For any Tournaments, Dart Hire Coupons, Kat Souls, or any other discounts will not be valid for use. There will be no concessions provided for first time attendees and no refunds will be given. The reason for this unusually hard-line stance will be outlined below.


  • The Prizes for the inaugural Foam Fortress Cup is a cash prize, a photo with the Foam Fortress Cup (yes, we have a trophy), and bragging rights.
  • The Dart Hire takings for the day will be gathered into a winner takes all prize pool. So, if there are 6 teams, the prize pool will be $450, which is $90 per person in the winning team.

So there you have it. SNW’s first competitive event, slated for late November/early December. Might be time for you start developing some Synergie (lol Reece) with other players in the community. As said before, keep an eye on the SNW event page for more details. And be on the look out for a post better explaining SNW’s power rating system.

The Foam Fortress Cup is waiting…

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