The Sydney Nerf Wars Power Rating System


First, what we all must understand is that the purpose of the Power Rating System is not a means of saying one player is better than another. While a number rating might imply that, the only reason it is being put into place is so that teams can be as balanced as possible in a Tournament situation. A close game is a good game, and we want every match up in the Foam Fortress Cup to be a display of skill and team cohesion. The Admin Team will not tolerate any untoward comparisons between players based solely on their Power Ratings.


The Power Rating System is based on a numbering system. Players will be allocated a number between 1 and 5 based on certain criteria that they have met in previous Foam Fortress: Sydney events. A rating of 1 denotes that a player has very little experience with Foam Fortress at our events, or none at all – as we have said, it is not always a true reflection on you or your skills. A rating of 5 conveys that a player is among the most experienced in the community, and also display great influence over the outcome of a match.

Note: Power Ratings are in half point increments i.e. 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5 etc.


As mentioned above, Power Ratings will be measured on a criteria basis. The criterion that we hope to use are as follows:

Experience, and Understanding of the rules

Basically know the rules, play Foam Fortress in a number of events, and display some skill with your gear and your classes.


They say that it’s the man who maketh the blaster, not the blaster  that maketh the man. Realistically, your gear has a big influence on the level of play that you’re able to attain. The better the gear you have at events, the better your rating will be.

Classes played

The ability to play multiple classes with proficiency is a valuable trait to have. It means you can be more flexible with your team and perhaps even help your teammates improve their play. The more classes you can play proficiently, the higher your rating will be.

Note: some classes will attract higher ratings than others because of how key their abilities can be to the team. The classes that you actually play might have some effect on your rating as well.

When will the ratings be released?

Well the things is, we need your help to do the ratings. What we need is for players who intend to participate in SNW’s competitive wars to rate themselves. We’d like to see what sort of score you give yourself and moderate based on that. The Admin Team feels like it can give the fairest ratings possible this way.

We’re going to use a Facebook Document (Located here) to record everyone’s Power Ratings. So check out the Facebook Document on the Facebook group to rate yourself and be prepared to start getting your team organised!

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