Meet the Admins: CROOKS





1.a bent or curved implement, piece, appendage, etc.; hook.


James “Captain Crooks” Armstead entered the SNW scene as an attentive, well-read individual. He quickly became a regular war attendee, cooking barbeques and introducing us to his love of “stampies”. He developed the “whale flopping” technique early in his career, and was soon flopping all about the place. There truly is not a war location that he has not left his mark on (whether it be by flop or poo).

Recognised for his artistic hand and creative mind, as well as his devotion to the group as a whole, Crooks was swiftly elevated to an Administrator position. There, he continues to play an integral role in the design features of SNW’s blog and merchandise. And now, with the departure of the co-founders from the Admin team, he has assumed the role of the Head Administrator of SNW.

As a visionary with the ability to kick lazy dart sweepers in the buttocks, Crooks should be seen as the fearless leader that will take SNW into a new age.

Core statistics:

BBQs cooked: 12

Whale flops: 15 and counting

Stampies: Never you mind. And call a plumber.

Buttocks kicked: Yours

Stampede clips emptied at Echoes without a hit: All

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