PEW 05/01/2013

Well the awesome members here at Sydney Nerf Wars have officially kicked off the 2013 season, with our awesome Performance Enhanced War on the 05/01/2013. It was a fun filled day of foam flinging decimation, many members were slain by their beefy blaster wielding opponents. Many others fell victim to the completely devastating  heat and humidity, that mother nature felt we needed so badly.

The first photo in this collection outlines the brave souls that ventured out into the bushland, into certain and imminent danger from all angles. These brave souls will always remember the day, they stood together against each other, for the good of the SNW community (Makes sense right?)

The members of the 05/01/2013 PEW – Geared up and ready to do battle, for the glory of Foamdar!

There were many highlights from the day, most of which never made it to the lens of our photographers. They will however remain burned inside our brains, as an awesome montage of humour and epic skills.. Forever more.
The 2013 season has really kicked off with a mighty bang, and shows that SNW is here to stay. Perpetually growing stronger and stronger, with each and every member that joins our ranks. There are plenty of new adventures in store for the members of SNW 2013, no-one really knows what to expect. But the anticipation is always more exciting than the expectations that we hold, atleast for me anyway.

Our very own Cameron shows off his grace and poise, as he attempts to curtsy mid battle (Sadly the gesture was never returned)

You may be able to out run JT, but you will never out run his akimbo’d stampedes

SNW Co-Founder Echoes, silently stalks his prey with 1 of his red longshots (Yes.. I said “1 of”)

Just a random photo of our attendees doing random acts of nothing.. Make no mistake though, each and every one of them will pwn you in a heartbeat. Especially that lil dude with the snapfire, he’s got a wicked aim!

All your darts are useless when the guardians come to play, their shields are nigh impenetrable.

The honourable admin BFG, attempts to lead his squad to victory. With a stern look on his face, even with Pham making disturbing fart noises to his left.

There lay just a few of our photo’s from the PEW on 05/01/2013. The day was a great success, a true testament to SNW’s foot hold in the nerfing community Australia wide. If by now you’re kicking yourself, wishing you could have been a part of the awesomeness of the day… Well you’re in luck my friends, because our next event will be held only a few short weeks away.

On the 26/01/2013 (Australia Day) we will be hosting a muck around day of sorts.
It will be Psychosis’s Birthday Bash, a day of mucking around and fun fuelled debauchery. There will be a BBQ lunch for all the hungry troopers, and even a filming session for our upcoming SNW propaganda.

So make sure you get yourself over to our facebook page
Like us, and confirm your attendance for this and many other future events.

On behalf of the SNW Admins, and all of our wonderful community members. I’d like to welcome you all to the 2013 Season of Sydney Nerf Wars. We hope to see you all at our future events, after all it is all of you who makes us who we are today. Much love to you all, keep up the wonderful job you’re doing.

Sydney Nerf Wars
Foamdars Faithful 2013

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