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Sydney vs Zombies (SvZ) is a branch off from Sydney Nerf Wars which aims to bring regular, engaging and enjoyable Humans vs Zombies (HvZ) events.

General Rules

Humans vs Zombies is a moderated game of tag.

  • All players begin as humans and there are randomly chosen Originial Zombies/Alpha Zombies
    • Zombies aim to tag all human players and turn them into zombies
    • Humans aim to survive to evacuation
  • HvZ is a semi contact sport
    • Dangerous acts such as slide tackles, shoulder charges, and diving ankle taps (within reason) will not be tolerated.
    • It is your responsibility to avoid putting yourself into a position where sliding or diving is the only way to slow yourself down
  • All players must have submitted a signed waiver before they are allowed to participate in events.
    • If you are under 18 years old your waiver must be signed by your parent/guardian
    • If you do not have a signed waiver/do not wish to sign, you are not permitted to play but may spectate
  • Don’t be a douchebag

Dress Rules

  • Tactical gear such as vests and gloves are permitted
    • Please use common sense in what you wear to each event
    • We do not accept full BDU
    • Please try to wear bright colours under your tactical gear
  • Paintball masks, face masks, and head scarves are not permitted
  • Please exercise common sense with what you bring to an event. Safety is the top priority for all events.
  • Zombie dress is allowed, but avoid going full Romero


  • Objective is to survive until the end of the event
  • Able to stun zombies with specified gear to achieve objectives
  • Human stunning is allowed
    • Commonly known as 'Shane-ing' / to be 'Shane'd' based on the 'The Walking Dead'
    • Useful for when you are about to be overrun by the zombie horde and the only way for you to get away is to leave some immobile human bait.
    • Humans can stun other humans with Darts/Melee/Ball socks
      • These stuns must be intentional. Unintentional friendly cross fire does not count
    • Humans must go down/take a knee for 30 seconds
    • They are still able to defend themselves while down

Gear Rules

  • Eye protection is mandatory
  • Darts
    • Please use stock Nerf Streamlines/Elites/Whistlers/Suctions/Buzz Bee/Airzone/Lanard/FDL v1s/Koosh/Voberry
    • No hard tipped darts (hot glue domes/stingers/FVJ)
    • Any player found using dangerous darts will be removed from the event
  • Blasters
    • Must not fire over 60 feet flat with stock darts (Nerf Elites, Streamlines, Whistlers etc.)
      • If your blasters fire 60 feet flat with SNW heavy darts they DO NOT fire 60 feet flat with stock darts
    • Must not be realistic looking/or predominantly dark coloured
    • Recommended blasters include any Nerf/BuzzBee that you can buy of the shelf and remains unmodified
    • You can use modified blasters but must be within range restrictions. Air blasters are allowed (OPRV/Volume/Titan restrictions apply)- e.g. Shotgun loaded Big Salvo/Large absolvers
    • Homemade blasters are banned
  • Melee
    • Limit of 1 melee weapon able to be carried at any one time
    • Melee attacks must not be too aggressive, and should not target sensitive areas such as the head/neck/crotch.
      • Aggressive attacks will result in a human tag to the offender.
    • Melee attacks must be slashes and NOT stabs
    • Hitboxes - only for melee. All hits with darts count anywhere on body.
      • Hits to the arms of a zombie do not count as a stun
      • Blows must hit the chest, abdomen, back, or legs to count as a stun.
      • Accidental blows to head/neck/crotch are at the discretion of moderators.
        • If soft hits they may count as a stun, if hard they may count as a human tag to the offender.
    • Melee weapons must be made from a soft foam with no exposed plastic or hard/sharp edges.
    • Cannot be thrown - even if its small
  • Ball socks
    • Yes, you can use these
    • Clean socks must be used
    • Can only be held together by tape - if a significant amount is used leading to increased firmness of the ball, it may not be permissible
  • Shields/Armour
    • If you wear full body armour a zombie tag will still infect you
    • The shield is considered a part of your body and acts the same as full body armour - it won't save you
  • Other blasters - Rockets/Foam Arrows/etc
    • Tentatively usable
    • Effect same as darts
    • Zing Bows + RedX Arrows/Zarts not allowed (possibly growing list)


  • Objective is to tag human survivors to convert players to the zombie cause
    • Aim to convert all humans to zombies before the end of the event
  • Must count 3 seconds (slow count) between human tags
    • Except for Alpha/Original zombie
  • Can be stunned by humans
    • Must go down for 30 seconds (slow count) to respawn
    • Respawn from specified respawn point

Special Zombies

Special infected zombies are upgraded with additional abilities.

  • These are achieved through collection of confirmed human tags
  • Restricted based on total player numbers
  • Alpha zombies are automatically given the ability to become a Reaper/Spitter/Charger after his/her first return to respawn.


  • Requires 3 confirmed human tags
  • Equipped with pool noodle
    • Longer reach


  • Requires 5 confirmed human tags
  • Equipped with a Nerf pocket howler x 1
    • Stuns human on hit
      • Stunned human takes knee for a 30 second slow count. The human is still able to defend him/herself
    • Only one use per respawn - must be regathered
  • Cannot tag humans


  • Requires 7 confirmed human tags
  • Equipped with a shield
    • Deflects darts/melee/ball socks
  • Cannot tag


  • Requires 9 confirmed human tags
  • Cannot be stunned
  • Slowed - only able to walk (1 foot on ground at any one time)


  • Requires 11 confirmed human tags
  • Able to respawn zombies with a 3 second slow count
  • Cannot tag

*These classes are in development

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