Foam Fortress How To:

How To: is a new set of articles aimed at helping the average Sydney Nerfer understand and improve their play in Foam Fortress: Sydney.

We’ve noticed that a few of our members have been having some difficulties adjusting to the slightly more intricate rules that are Foam Fortress – and don’t worry, we fully appreciate why. As you probably know, there is a METRIC CRAP TON of rules (written by yours truly) which can be a lot to take in. There’s stuff about classes, Abilities, different blaster categories, and a whole lot of other stuff that you probably can’t remember. All that can be pretty dang confusing, even after you’ve put it into practice.


So what we thought we’d do is write a bunch of articles that’ll help Foam Fortress become a little less overwhelming so that you can be the best Foam Fortress player that you can be. Keep in mind though, not all of these How To: guides are the be all and end all of the ways you can play the game; they’re merely a starting point.

I hope you all decide to give them a read, and even offer some constructive criticism. Like I said, these guides won’t always be the best way to play the class or use the piece of gear. Seeing as I, myself, really only play Demolitionist and Commando, there are probably a whole lot of things about the other classes that I can’t quite explain as well as others. I might learn a thing or two from these as well.

We do have a few things planned the for the future of Foam Fortress: Sydney. We aim to simplify the game a little bit, and these How To:’s will help us do that. So make like Nerdette, over there, and be happy about it!

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