The Foam Fortress Cup Pt. 2

The intention of this post is to elaborate on the finer details of the FF Cup that we may have skimmed over in our introductory post. It’s long and all that, but it’s very important that you know exactly how things will be working. This post should answer 99% of your questions (but you guys are smart alec’s so I’m assuming we’ll see more). We’re also releasing a tentative draw in this post, so look out for that.

Serious Competitive Event

All participants in the Foam Fortress Cup must be aware that this particular event is to be treated as a serious competitive event. To maintain the integrity of such a competitive event, participants are required to be familiar with both the Foam Fortress: Sydney rule set and the rules of the competition, and to conduct themselves appropriately at all times. No concessions will be made for those who arrive late to the event, nor those who need to leave early – your team will play on without you (or with a substitute if one can be organised).

Tournament Rules – Expanded

All games will be played under Tournament rules in addition to the regular rules that FF:S is played under. Tournament rules include:

  • Highlander: Only one of each class per team.

  • Players can only compete for the team they have registered with.

  • Each players’ class must be confirmed prior to each match and cannot be changed mid game.

  • Rule Breaking and questioning rules mid-game will be penalised.

  • Major instances of rule breaking will be treated on a case by case basis.

  • Time limits on games will be enforced (10 minutes).

  • Games will start regardless of whether all scheduled participants are present.

  • Players can’t enter the match after the round has started, even if their team is missing one or more players.

  • Players can only use gear that they start the game with (whether it is carried on their person or left at Base). All gear that a player takes into the game with them must be legal for their load out.

  • During games, Players cannot trade non-consumable gear such as blasters, large melee weapons, or shields. They can however, trade consumable items, such as small melee weapons, darts or grenades (Rockets can’t actually be traded because only one class can use legally carry them).

  • Players are required to wear proper gear. This includes, but is not limited to, Assaults wearing their PDUs and Ghosts carrying their Rally Points. If the proper gear is not present, the ability (or other element of the game) cannot be used.

  • When tagged, players are required to go to a knee immediately. After they go down, they may decide on their next course of action: wait for Resurrection, use their PDU, move to the Rally Point, or return to Base. Note that this rule is still valid for Grenades, Rockets and Mega Howlers even though there is only one course of action available after being hit by them.

  • Spectators can cheer and enjoy the play, but they must not give away player positions, and must not yell instructions. They may incur penalties for his/her team.

  • Players who have been eliminated by Titan Rockets or Mega Howlers must wait at his/her team’s main Base until the game is over.

  • The results of all disputes are at the discretion of the Referees.


Teams for the tournament will be divided into two pools based on aggregated power ratings. Each pool will compete in a round robin to determine who will progress to the final series.

Three matches will be played in each pool. Points will determine rankings and progression onto the finals. 3 points will be awarded to winners of each match, 1 point to the loser and 2 points to each team for a draw.

If there is a tie at the end of the round robin for pool rankings, the teams will be differentiated by penalties.

Below is a drafted image of the draw for the FFCup.

FFCup draw Draft1


It is the responsibility of the team captain to have their team ready in time for their next match. To assist with this, there will be a number of marshals operating on the spectators hill. Players must recognise that it is not the marshall’s job to have their team ready, but rather to remind them of the schedule that they must follow.

If there is a sweep prior to a match that involves your team, it is not required to participate in the sweep. Ensure that all your gear and equipment and loaded clips are ready before the start of your match.


Each match will be played between two teams in one of the three Foam Fortress: Sydney game types. The game type played will be determined by a toss of a coin prior to the start of each match with the winner able to choose which game type played or side of field to start from.

There will be a 10 minute time limit on each match. 3 points will be awarded to the winning team and 1 point to the loser. 2 points will be awarded for a draw – draws will only be awarded in the event of a timeout, or in the event of two teams completing the objective at the same time (this is, however, only possible in Flagbearer).


Matches will be refereed by more than one administrator/senior SNW member who will call hits, keep and announce KotH time, and keep match time. They will also alert players of destroyed Bases as the information becomes available.

However, they will not notify players of eliminated enemy team members or destroyed Rally Points (until a player tries to respawn off it, thus drawing a Penalty). We feel that the removal of destroyed Rally Points is the responsibility of the Ghost or that Ghost’s teammates. It comes down to communication – which is a vital element to every team.

All referee decisions are final and objections may incur penalties.


The Foam Fortress: Cup will be played with strict adherence to the Foam Fortress: Sydney rules set. Due to the nature of the tournament there will be penalties for rule breaking.

Penalties for rule breaking/gamesmanship will be decided during play. These will range in severity from a warning to team forfeiture.

During the day we will be running a tight schedule. This will require teams to be prepared to start on time. Failure of teams to comply may inflict penalties.

Penalties may have a significant impact on the progression of a team by determining tie situations.


The two top teams from each pool will play in a preliminary final to determine which teams progress to the championship rounds. The top team from Pool A will play the second ranked team from Pool B and vice versa.

The Championship rounds will be a best of three match series.


The Awards ceremony will take place at the end of the day, after the final dart sweep. The prizes, including the $450 prize pool and a picture with the Foam Fortress cup (as well as a few other goodies) will be awarded then.

Foam Fortress Cup

The Foam Fortress Cup is waiting…

Link to the original FFCup Post

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