Event Changes and Updates

Event Changes and Updates

Sydney Nerf COVID19 Changes and Updates

As of 17 July 2020,

  • Anyone entering the venue (including spectators) will need to fill out details on the day via Registration Form to gain entry to the venue
  • All players are required to pay a $10 entry fee via Payment Form. Contactless payment will be done through Paypal Friends and Family. Entry fee will cover dart hire and entry to all games at the event

Access to the Registration Form and Payment Form will be via QR code (just hold your smartphone camera to the code and it’ll take you to the website). You will need a smartphone with access to the internet to do so. If you do not have access to the internet, a hotspot will be available to you.

Conditions of entry on the Registration Form can be found here

Privacy Policy on Registration Form and Payment Form can be found here

  • Hand sanitiser stations will be around the dart boxes, buckets, admin area. You are required to use them upon entry and exit of venue, prior to utilizing communal dart boxes, dart buckets and dart sweeps
  • Current venues are allowed 500 people to attend
  • Safety glasses will now be only available to buy instead of loan
  • Attendees must comply with 1.5m physical distancing, excluding those that live together
  • No handshakes or hugs allowed
  • Set up /admin areas will be sectioned off
  • Communal dart boxes will have separate areas with a line outlined for queuing at the beginning of the day. Communal dart boxes will be locked after games start until the end of the day
  • Multiple dart buckets to be set up for dart pick up for players to refill throughout the day. Queueing placements will be displayed around the buckets
  • The responsibility of shared toys and/or gear and their hygiene, rests with the owner
  • Communal dart boxes and buckets will be sanitised between games throughout the day
  • After the event finishes, you will be strongly encouraged not to gather outside of venue after event finishes

Drinks, Food, Sunscreen and Rubbish

  • You will be required to bring your own water bottle and water to the event including sunscreen. Admins will have a case of water available for emergencies
  • You are not to share food or drinks
  • You are to take your own rubbish home with you

Gameplay Changes

  • Games will be 15v15 or changed as the day progresses. Playing teams will be rotated through the day
  • No Melee. Shields still allowed
  • No KOTH

What you’ll do on the day

  1. Sign in at registration entry point prior to entry (sanitise)
  2. Enter and go to payment desk and pay entry if you’re playing
  3. Find an area 1.5m away from anyone else in the setup area and set up
  4. Sanitise hands first then fill up darts if taking from the communal dart boxes
  5. Attend briefing
  7. Before leaving, clean your area and take your rubbish with you
  8. Before exiting, sanitise your hands. If re-entering, sanitise them again


Sydney Nerf COVID19 Safe Plan

The admin team took a long time creating the COVID19 Safety Plan, if you’re interested in seeing how we’re dealing with COVID19, it is available here