COVID19 Safety Plan


Sydney Nerf COVID19 Safety Plan

Community Sporting Activities
COVID-19 Safe Outdoor Gathering

Community Sport

Effective July 1st, 2020

Organisation Name: Sydney Nerf
Plan completed by: Ian Ewin, in consultation of Sydney Nerf admins
Plan Adjusted by: Mary King (Adjustments in RED)
(current November 2021)
Approved by: Sydney Nerf admins

Review as new laws come out or by 1st December 2021, whatever one comes first

Wellbeing of staff and visitors

Management of unwell participants and staff

  • Attendees will be notified prior to the event on social media, event page and website to not come should they not comply with entry requirements and show symptoms
  • Participants will sign a declaration prior to entry to confirm they do not have any COVID-19 symptoms and have not been in contact with anyone that has/had symptoms without being tested and received results or has been in any hotspot areas (including coming from overseas). Participants that do not comply will be refused entry
  • All participants will be screened upon arrival for cold/flu-like symptoms
  • Anyone displaying symptoms will be given a face mask and gloves to wear and be told to vacate the venue, self-isolate, see a doctor/get tested
  • Participants are required to let admins know as soon as possible, if they have tested positive for COVID-19
  • When First Aid is required, instructional guidance to self-administer First Aid will be done first. Otherwise, PPE (face mask and gloves) will be used by admins
  • All people aged 16 and over at events must be fully vaccinated or have a valid medical exemption. Signage to be displayed for vaccination requirements

Information and training

  • Current information on physical distancing, when to get tested and hygiene requirements will be provided to all members of the admin team, requiring a written form of acknowledgement
  • Information on current operation procedures to be made available on website for admins as well as participants to view
  • Admins will be notified as soon as new laws are announced and any changes that need to be made will be discussed and operation procedures will be changed accordingly
  • Admin team will undertake government COVID-19 online training and produce a certificate prior to start up 18th July 2020

Display conditions of entry

  • Prior to arriving, current requirements will be posted on social media, event page and website. A laminated poster will be displayed at entry points to the venue

Physical Distancing

Four square meters per person

  • Maximum attendee numbers information will be announced via social media, event page and website prior to the event in accordance with laws. It will be enforced via sign in numbers and monitored throughout the day

Carysfield = 5,925.4m2 / 4 = 1481 max number (500 under current restrictions)

JBE = 14,109.3m2 / 4 = 3527 max numbers (500 under current restrictions)

*Capacity at 1 person per 2 square metres of space of above venues or 200 persons

Physical distancing

  • Attendees to comply with 1.5m physical distancing, excluding those that live together
  • Gameplay changes: No melee, no King of The Hill & no Capture the Flag game type
  • Verbal reminders and enforcement throughout the day by the admin team
  • Signage to remind attendees to be displayed
  • No handshakes or hugs
  • Repeat offenders will be told to leave and entry be forfeited. Disciplinary actions for severe cases (banned from future events)

Gatherings outside of premises

  • Attendees will be strongly encouraged not to gather outside of venue after event finishes

Reduce crowding and promote physical distancing

  • Set up areas will be sectioned off
  • Communal dart boxes will have separate areas with a line outlined for queuing at the beginning of the day. Communal dart boxes will be locked after games start until the end of the day
  • Multiple dart buckets to be set up for dart pick up for players to refill throughout the day. Queueing placements will be displayed around the buckets
  • Multiple hand sanitiser stations set up
  • Where possible, participants to avoid carpools with people from different household groups.

Hygiene and cleaning

Hygiene practices and availability

  • Attendees to use hand sanitiser upon entry and exit of venue, prior to utilizing communal dart boxes, dart buckets and dart sweeps
  • Attendees will be reminded throughout the day to follow procedures
  • Multiple hand sanitiser stations to be available around the admin area and at entry/exit points

Drink and food

  • Attendees to bring their own water bottles and water for use throughout the day
  • Admins will provide a case of water to use as emergency
  • Participants will be made aware to not share food or drinks prior to the event on social media, event pages and website
  • The admin team will give additional reminders prior to lunch break and address this during briefing

Shared Equipment

  • Team identifiers are either owned by participants or single use identifiers can be provided and will be disposed of at the completion of the event
  • The responsibility of shared toys and/or gear and their hygiene, rests with the owner
  • Safety glasses will now be only available to buy instead of loan


  • Frequently touched areas such as communal dart boxes and buckets to be sanitised between games throughout the day
  • Admins to wear gloves to pick up any leftover rubbish
  • Attendees to take their own rubbish home and leave no trace
  • All equipment to be sanitised after each event

Contactless Payment

  • Sydney Nerf is suspending cash payments until further notice. Only online Paypal will be used
  • “Tap and Go” card payments may be available in the future

Record Keeping

  • Service NSW QR sign in for all admin, participants and spectators will be provided on the day of an event. This must be used as a condition of entry including vaccination verification
  • Those who cannot use Service NSW will have information recorded via original registration form. Spreadsheet will be given to an authorised officer within 4 hours of request
  • Sign-in sheet will require Name, Phone number and/or email
  • Appointed COVID-19 Safety Admin will keep the record of attendees for 56 days. This information will be kept in a secured online database and in accordance with Sydney Nerf privacy policy displayed in the sign in form
  • Current COVID-19 Safety Admin/ Record Keeper is: Anya Robertson 


  • Participants will be recommended to use the app via social media event posts, event page, website and during sign in

NSW Health & SafeWork

  • Sydney Nerf will contact and cooperate with NSW Health and SafeWork (13 10 50) upon a positive case of COVID-19
Created: 17th July 2020
Modified: 19th October 2021
Modified Last: 20th November 2021