Dart Hire – The Fourth Generation


So we’ve come to that time again, guys, where SNW’s dart supplies have started to run low (or in this case, were not ideal to begin with) and enough capital has been raised for our darts to be replenished. This post will outline SNW’s Fourth Generation of Dart Hire, featuring thicker foam that GLOWS IN THE DARK. But first, a copied and pasted explanation of what Dart hire is.

Dart Hire, for those who are unaware, is a system where a large quantity of darts is purchased and owned by one (or more if they so choose) individual(s), which is then rented out to the community for a set rental fee at each war. It functions as a convenient way for community members to have enough ammunition for wars at all times without constantly having to replace their own darts that are spoilt or lost at events. It acts to bridge the gap between the newb and the veteran, allowing for all participants to compete respectably. For Sydney’s community, the Dart Hire system acted as an impetus for its growth into what we see today.

The Fourth Generation of Dart Hire is to come into effect at the next war – i.e. the 26th of October’s FF:S Training Day!

The Darts themselves

The biggest change in the Fourth Generation of Dart Hire are the darts themselves. The darts are much heavier on average. The 4th Gen Red tips weigh in at 1.15g, compared to the approximate 1g of the 3rd Gen Red tips. The 4th Gen Blue tips weigh 1.3g, while the 3rd Gen Blue tips weighed about 1.16g. This means you’ll theoretically get a big boost in straight line accuracy for your blasters, but suffer lower ranges than that you’re used to. So you’ll be wanting to mod your blasters for that little bit of extra kick.

The foam used is much fatter than last time – a much more ideal fit in stock breeches. Comparatively, the darts are now just slightly thicker than Nerf Elite darts.

As you can see, there is a reasonable difference between the Third Generation darts and the Fourth Generation darts.

One of the most frequently asked questions has been whether they fit into 16mm conduit. In short, they do… sort of. They’ll definitely work in RSCB’s, and with a little bit of negotiation you can hand feed them into barrels. But some types of breeches will struggle. Below are some comparison pictures of how 3rd Gens, Elites, and 4th Gens fit into Conduit. The test was pretty much when “twisting or extra pushing force was necessary to push the dart further into the slightly reamed conduit barrel”.

The 3rd Gen darts fit nicely into conduit. However they didn’t work in stock breeches too well.

Elite Darts almost fit completely into the barrel. It’s a shame they’re too light.

About 40% of the 4th Gen dart fit in without twisting or extra force.

The darts do fit very well into PETG though. I’ve got some videos to demonstrate this.

3rd Gen dart’s behaviour in PETG: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CaVBfZxpe9Q

Elite dart’s behaviour in PETG: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SENcWa32iF0

4th Gen dart’s behaviour in PETG: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a7np0Wgskn0

These darts definitely work in flywheels and stock breeches, so if you’re using those you’ll be fine. But my advice to those who are using conduit set ups is to change your barrels to something like 9/16″ Brass or get some PETG (I have some of that stuff stored away, so you might want to talk to me). All this might be an excuse to do a little modding over the next couple of weeks.

Dart Hire Rules and Conditions

The rules and conditions of Dart Hire are to remain mostly identical to those outlined in this post. However, there have been some minor changes to the rewards for sweeping.

Dart Hire Coupons

In recent times, the Admin team has slacked off with awarding Dart Hire Coupons for good performances during dart sweeping. We’re going to get back onto the horse and start handing out at least THREE of these coupons away each war where the Dart Hire system is used.

However, to qualify for coupons, you are now required to bring your own bucket or other container for dart sweeping. A dump pouch or other piece of tactical gear does not qualify as a container. The idea is to not have you just loading up your pouches but instead dropping the darts off for others to load up with.

If you’re upset with having to buy a bucket or something, keep in mind that you’ll be investing a small amount for a chance to win many $5 Dart Hire coupons over time.

That’ll be all from me for now. I hope you all enjoy these new darts that won’t pop out of clips and fall out of stock barrels (I hated that so much). If you have any questions, contact me on FB or drop an email to sydneynerfwars@gmail.com

– Echoes, the guy who writes way too many words for these things.

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