General Rules Set

The top priority of Sydney Nerf Wars is to run safe, enjoyable events for all those who are involved. This requires a set of rules and regulations which, while stringent and often quite strict, are necessary for this goal to be achieved. Below is a standardised set of rules for the wars that will be hosted by this group. Read them, and remember them. They’re here so that wars can be as safe and fun as possible.

General Gameplay Rules

  • If you are struck by a dart on any part of your body, you have been Tagged. You are to raise your hand and proceed back to respawn.
  • To be considered a Tag, a dart must not hit a solid surface and rebound before it hits the intended target. Solid surfaces include Nerf Blaster Shields, Trees, and other players. However, if a dart passes through (path is mostly unaffected) leaves or a bush of some sort, it will still be considered a Tag.
  • A Tag to your blaster, or any gear you are holding/wearing is registered as a Tag to you.
  • If you score a Tag on another player, and they continue to play, call your Tag on them
  • Honesty is the best policy. If you know you’ve taken a Tag, own up and walk back to respawn. This also applies when calling Tags on other players.
  • Arguments over Tags will not be tolerated. Both players will be sent to respawn in the case of any argument.
  • If you suspect there is dishonest behaviour among the attendees, inform a member of the Admin Team. They will handle the issue thereafter.
  • Without suitable eye protection, you cannot participate in any events. Prescription glasses and sun glasses are not applicable as suitable protection. If you are unsure about your eye protection, talk to the Admin Team pre-event. Eye protection must be worn at all times when blasters are allowed to be fired. Multiple instances of removal of eye protection during games can result in ejection from the event.
  • Please use common sense when considering engagement distances. The official engagement distance is set at 10m for blasters that fire over 30m flat to ground (roughly blasters with >180fps). This is for the safety of those at our events. Please refrain from aiming at the head or neck at the minimum engagement distances.
Minimum Engagement Distances
Range Minimum Engagement Distance
<30m 0m
>30m 10m

Blaster and Gear Specific Rules

  • Blasters with matte black, or any other realistic looking paint jobs (e.g. military camouflage patterns) are not welcome at Sydney Nerf Wars events. You will be asked to store the blaster away from public eyes. If you refuse, you will be ejected from the event. As a general rule, blasters should be painted in bright colours with dark/realistic colours to comprise no more than 50% of the overall paint scheme.
  • All blasters are to have an orange muzzle/tip.
  • Aftermarket kits that modifies the appearance of nerf blasters to resemble real firearms are permissible under very strict conditions. A blaster utilising such a kit must be comprised of an absolute minimum of 90% of a bright colour, this including any attachments that have been attached to the blaster. The blaster as a whole must be easily recognised as a toy and must not possess any threatening qualities. Please engage with Sydney Nerf Admin staff before bringing any blasters to Sydney Nerf events with these kits to avoid disappointment. All decisions regarding bans are final.
  • Matte black, camouflaged or realistically painted magazines are not allowed. Clear, bright coloured or translucent coloured magazines are permitted.
  • The maximum muzzle velocity for all blasters is 350fps.
  • Homemade blasters are banned; but homemade internals are permissible at the discretion of the Admin Team. Please be prepared for them to inspected. If you are unable to dismantle your blaster on site, then it will be deemed unsuitable for play until further notice.
  • Air blasters with plugged Over Pressure Valves are banned. Bike pump replacements are permissible if there is an operational OPV to limit the pressure that the pump can create in the tank.
  • The Nerf Titan is unconditionally banned from firing darts. It can however be used to fire rockets. These rockets have no additional effects in games that they’re used in - just a regular Tag.
  • Blasters that have larger tanks/are capable of higher PSI than an unmodified Generation 1 4B are banned.
  • Drain blasters are unconditionally banned from Sydney Nerf.
  • Stefans that have sharp edges, utilise metallic weights, or have hotglue domes are banned. Similarly, hard vinyl tipped 'nipple' darts are also banned. Soft rubber tipped 'nipple' darts are permissible.
  • The accepted “Grenades” in Sydney Nerf Wars events are Nerf Pocket Howlers and off-brand alternatives. These Grenades have no additional effects in games that they’re used in - just a regular Tag.
  • Melee weapons must be made of a material that renders a soft impact. A light tap on the shoulder with the palm of your hand will also suffice as a melee Tag.
  • Melee attacks must not be too aggressive, and should not target sensitive areas such as the head or neck.
  • Melee weapons can deflect all manner of Tags without penalty.
  • Attaching any Stock Nerf Blast Shield onto a Tactical Rail that was originally a part of the shell will negate Tags on your blaster. The Blast Shield cannot be modified in any way aside painting for aesthetic purposes.
  • Tactical gear such as vests and gloves are permitted, but please use common sense in what you wear to each event. For example, you are permitted to wear a vest so long as you are not wearing BDU’s underneath. We suggest wearing a bright T-shirt underneath the vest.
  • Paintball masks, face masks, and head scarves are not permitted due to the image that they convey to the general public.
  • Please exercise common sense with what you bring to an event. Safety is the top priority for all events. If something is deemed to be unsafe by the Admin Team, the Admin Team reserves the right to ban the blaster or other piece of gear on the spot.

Miscellaneous Rules

  • The Admin Team will use whistles to help run events.
  • One Whistle will signify the beginning of the round.
  • Two Whistles will signify Sudden Death.
  • Three whistles will signify the end of the game.
  • One long, sustained whistle will signify an emergency, such as an injury to a player or a bystander wandering onto the field.
  • When a member of the public enters the playing area, instantly yell STOP/HOLD. The game will pause until the bystander has left the field of play. When it is safe to resume play, an Admin will blow their whistle once.
  • Dart sweeps are a necessary part of Nerf. It is compulsory for participants to help gather all darts whenever there is a dart sweep.
  • If using your own darts at events instead of using the Dart Hire system, be aware that it is highly likely that not all of your darts will be returned to you at the end of the day. Losing darts is also a part of Nerf. This is the risk you take.
  • When you have been eliminated from a round (you have taken a Tag during the elimination period etc.), you must not talk to the un-eliminated players. As they say in paintball: “Dead people don’t talk”.
  • The youngest permissible age to play is 11 years (with parental consent). Minors under the age of 14 years must be supervised by a parent or guardian. Sydney Nerf takes no responsibility for the supervision of minors.