King of the Hill

King of the Hill


King of the Hill (KOTH) is a game of strategy, positioning, and composure. Much like CTF, there are strong elements of teamwork involved in seizing the Hill, and holding it until the timer runs down. This game type is a classic battle of attrition, where both teams attempt to wrestle control of the Hill from each other with force!

The aim of KOTH is to hold the Hill for a set aggregate time before the opposition can do so. In a typical game of KOTH, players will find themselves under constant fire as they approach the Hill. This gives rise to a gametype with a heavy emphasis on composure under pressure.



The rules for KOTH are listed below:

  • To win, a team must hold the Hill for a set amount of time. This amount of time will be determined by the War Organiser on the day. The usual time is 3 minutes.
  • The time on the Hill recorded for each team is the total of all the time that team has spent on the Hill. Therefore, to win, a team does not have to hold the Hill for “x” minutes consecutively, but rather a total of “x” minutes throughout the game.
  • To be considered holding the Hill, a team must have at least one active (non-tagged) player making contact with the Capture Point (usually a bucket). Players who have been tagged on the Hill are not considered holding the Hill.


This section is aimed at answering some of the most common questions about KOTH:

  • Q: When does the timer start for when a team is taking the Hill? When does it stop?
A: The timer will start when the first player from the team has touched the hill marker (usually an upside down bucket)
  • Q: What if I see someone who was tagged in when on the Hill, but doesn’t return to respawn or keeps firing on me?
A: Call out to them and inform them that they were tagged. If they ignore your calls, alert the War Organiser or a SNW Admin present on the day. The issue will be dealt with fairly.