Sydney Nerf Wars is a growing community, and as we grow and expand, the time will soon come where the admin team will look at each other and say, ‘do we have enough awesome to go around?’, and, if the answer is ‘no’ or ‘Crooks does but isn’t sharing’, then we may need to look into procuring some more awesomeness to share with the group – but awesome isn’t always cheap.

This is where the community can help – we are starting up a Paypal donations account, for all Sydney members to contribute to if they wish, and for anyone else with money weighing their wallets down to add to if they want (hey, it’s a free country right?).

How will this help the community? I’m glad you asked!

Donations given to this account will be used directly and exclusively for equipment and services for the Sydney Nerf Wars group. We are going to come up with a list of goals that we, as a community, wish to work towards, and then we are going to work towards them. Sound simple? Probably, probably.

We are going to put forwards a list of proposed goals to give you some ideas, and then open it up to you, the community, to make suggestions, comments, criticisms and praise for how great Crooksie is. Once we’ve got our goals sorted it will be up to the admin fellas to get it happening, but in the interests of fairness and transparency with our dealings with your donations, we will keep you all informed as to how every last cent is spent – that’s the SNW guarantee!

Here are some ideas we have bandied about in our private cool admin meetings:

  1. FF:S equipment such as team bandanas, wristband PDU’s, moar grenades, bases.
  2. Modular, moveable cover to expand our battlefield options and play modes like Under Siege.
  3. Subsidized shipping for large group orders made by our members from places like the US, or Black Tactical, HobbyKing etc.
  4. Maintaining the monthly cost of a decent chatbox for our blogsite – which also means you all have to come and use it, or Echoes will be forever Forever Alone on there, and we can’t have that now can we…?

We may also be doing some ‘fund raising’ activities such as BBQ’s and SNW merchandise (FF:S Class patches anyone?) with all profits going right back into the group’s account, and not into Kat’s hair extensions (sorry bro).

Let us know what you think! Every peso counts, no donation is too small! 😉

Donations via Paypal can be sent to right away if you want to make a head-start on the awesome!

– Crooksie, on behalf of the Sydney Nerf Wars admin team.