COVID19 Information

COVID19 Information

Conditions of Entry

  • You must fill out the entry form before entry
  • You must agree that you meet the requirements outlined on the entry form
  • Following any breeches to Sydney Nerf Admins directions, you will be asked to leave and forfeit your entry fee

COVID19 Symptoms

Following the NSW Government site, symptoms of COVID-19 include

  • fever (37.5 ° or higher)
  • cough
  • sore/scratchy throat
  • shortness of breath
  • loss of smell or
  • loss of taste

Other reported symptoms of COVID-19 include

  • fatigue
  • runny nose
  • muscle pain
  • joint pain
  • diarrhoea
  • nausea/vomiting or
  • loss of appetite

In more severe cases, infection can cause pneumonia with severe acute respiratory distress

If you have any or have been in contact with anyone with these symptoms without being tested negative and self isolated for 14 days, you must not attend the event.

COVID19 Hotspots

In addition to COVID19 symptoms, if you have been in or in contact with someone that has been in a COVID19 hotspot, you must not attend.

For up to date information on hotspots go to,

  • Last 14 days - Overseas

At the direction of NSW Government, you must:

  • immediately self-isolate until 14 days after you were last there
  • get tested even if you have no symptoms
  • watch for COVID-19 symptoms and get retested should any symptoms recur  
  • even if you get a negative test, you must stay in isolation for 14 days (this is because it can take 14 days before you may show symptoms or test positive)
  • If your test is negative and you develop respiratory symptoms within 14 days, please get tested again and self isolate another 14 days

COVID19 Testing Clinics

COVID19 Testing Clinics can be found at the following website:

COVID19 Contacts

Call 1800 020 080 (24/7) for health questions or to check symptoms 

Call Service NSW 24 hours, 7 days a week on 13 77 88 

Call the Coronavirus Disability Information Helpline on 1800 643 787

COVID19 SafeApp

What happens if I develop symptoms on the day?

  • You will be asked to leave
  • Advised to head home immediately, call your doctor and/or the appropriate COVID19 contacts, and get tested

What happens if I test positive to COVID19?

You must email as soon as possible and contact current Sydney Nerf COVID19 Safety Admin, Anya.

Your private information will stay with Sydney Nerf Admins and the community will be notified that an attendee of the event has tested positive to COVID19. NSW Health will be contacted for contact tracing purposes.