Game Types

Game Types


Performance Enhanced Wars (PEW) is a game type that allows players to test their higher powered modifications in a gameplay scenario. In PEW, we see a range of heavily modified blasters, all with one aim: To out-range, out-shoot, and out-do the creations of the opposition. It is here where the SNW community proves their worth as a skilled artist with their modifications, as well as a worthy soldier in the field.

PEW is an intense experience, placing more reliance on a player’s personal skill and cunning, as well as the ultimate capabilities of their blaster. Players are generally more careful due to the potential range and accuracy of the blasters around them. As a result, rounds are more drawn out with players spending increased amounts of time in cover. It is in these circumstances when a player’s awareness of their surroundings and their ability to act under pressure are put to the test.


The aim of PEW is simple: Shoot the enemy. Most often, we will focus on game types such as Team Deathmatch. PEW is governed by the Sydney Nerf Wars General Rules Set and the rules of the gametypes that are being played.

Blaster Rules

  • Adherence to the SNW General Rules Set.


  • Melee is allowed and can be used to deflect Tags.
  • Melee weapons must not exceed 150cm in length.
  • Small melee (less than 50cm in length) can be thrown to count as a Tag.
  • Shields cannot be used in PEW unless otherwise specified.


  • Each team starts at a particular point on the map called their Base or Respawn Point. The Base is usually indicated by a Base marker.
  • If a player is Tagged, they must return to their own Base and respawn there by touching the Base marker. Once they have touched the Base marker, they are back in the game.
  • Bases have a three metre(3m) radius zone of invulnerability around them. This means players cannot be considered Tagged after they have respawned while they are standing in this area. However, this invulnerability will be turned off in certain situations such as Sudden Death in Team Death Match.

Game Types

There are a number of gametypes played under PEW. They are split between Core Games and Flavour Games.

Core Games

Flavour Games